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Body and Sound 2022

    This workshop was designed to explore the relationship and the balance between movement and sound. It is a constant attempt to blur the differences, until sound and movement hopefully feel as one indistinguishable material.

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Some moments from the workshop at INK (Istarski Narodno Kazalište) in Pula, Croatia, July 2022.

The participants have the chance to "colour" the movement with sound and "colour" the sound with movement. In what ways we can create sound to inspire movement, as well as to produce sound inspired in the movement, are the main ground of the workshop's research.

The workshop "BODY AND SOUND" offers a unique experience that connects movement and sound in a creative and experimental manner. Throughout this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore how their movement can become a source of sound, while simultaneously sound can serve as inspiration for movement.

The main objective of the workshop is to encourage participants to contemplate the connection between the body and sound, and how this interaction can enrich their artistic expressiveness. Through various exercises and tasks, participants will explore different ways of creating sound using their body, voice, or objects around them, and how the rhythmic and dynamic aspects of movement influence the generated sound.

During the workshop, elements of the Soundpainting system will be used, along with improvisation methods that develop awareness of the moment and spontaneity through improvisational exercises. Participants will be encouraged to explore unpredictable and creative aspects of combining movement and sound.

The "BODY AND SOUND" workshop is not just an opportunity to learn techniques of sound and movement creation, but also a chance to investigate one's own creativity and expression through a unique interaction between the body and sound.

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