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Lunes Lento

 Piano improvisations


Lunes Lento means Slow Monday. It started as a cycle of improvised solo concerts performed regularly in Bar Helicon, in the city of Pula between January and March 2017.


 Free Improvisation is the act of creating and building a piece of music at the same time that is being performed, an immediate "in the present moment" musical composition.

 Each concert is performed without any planning or preparation. 

"I don't prepare any music, I don't take any previous decission about what I'm going to play"."I arrive to each concert in a certain emotional state and I start to play with nothing else than that feeling, open for the unexpected journey". "I want to be slightly surprised with the music I play. This uncertainty keeps me awake and inspired".

The improvisations flow naturally because I accept without any judgement the music unfolding. Just listening and reacting to the sound".

"Through the concerts you will probably recognize the influence of the music I have listened and played through all my life, from contemporary classical music to pop songs or Argentinean folklore; through jazz and rock to Bach, Ligeti,  John Cage, Nirvana,  and who knows...anything can appear unexpectedly ". 

Lunes Lento 9 is the ninth concert recorded live on monday, April 10, 2017 at Vintage Bar Helicon in Pula, Croatia.

The songs appear in their original order, as played in the concert. No musical material was cut or edited.  

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