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Composed and performed by Carlos Fagin. (Piano and Drums)

Recorded in 2016, Pula, Croatia.

Afonsina y el mar

Composed by Ariel Ramirez.

Performed and arranged by Carlos Fagin. Recorded in 2007,

Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Lunes Lento 2017

Lunes Lento  was a cycle of improvised solo concerts. Performed regularly in Vintage Bar Helicon, in the city of Pula (Croatia) between January and March 2017.

Each concert was performed without any planning or preparation, an immediate ("in the present moment") musical composition.

"I try to arrive to the concert as open as possible, without expectations. I want to be slightly surprised with the music I play. I feel the risk but that is exactly what keeps me awake and inspired". 

Improvisation is about accepting what is coming out of you, without judgements.

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