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HOUSEKEEPING                           TRIO



 There is a certain tradition in jazz of turning popular music into a malleable material, the basic substance with which you can begin to say things. "We simply feel an impulse to make something new out of the music that we like, that we have always listened to and with which we feel a connection, such that all this has been brought into being in a relaxed, natural and unaffected process."


 Housekeeping is an apparently traditional acoustic piano trio that but ,among other things, covers pieces by artists associated with rock and pop music.  Our intention is to impose no limits and no preconceived ideas. "We attack a selection or piece of music without pretense – aside from the desire to find out what happens when music passes through the prism of improvisation."


 In the case of Housekeeping, the casus belli seems to be a constant restlessness to give new life to these songs, songs that constitute an emotional map of its members. 


 The trio original compositions  define as well  Housekeeping's personality.  Angular arrangements and harmonies, inflected with  an explosive mix of rock & pop with the energy and spontaneity of jazz music. A habitual rocker housed within a Jazz musician’s skin.  


  The Trio was formed in 2005 in Amsterdam with Carlos Fagin on the piano, Camilo Fernandez on the bass, and Marcos Baggiani on the drums.


 Though in its early days the group was oriented  toward free jazz and free improvisation, this current Barcelonan incarnation, now backed by drummer Cristóbal Massis, is more interested in 'the song.' Its repertoire includes music written by Bjork, Depeche Mode, Cyndi Lauper, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. 



​In Bloom

Arranged and performed by Housekeeping trio,  2011

Personal Jesus

Arranged and performed by Housekeeping

trio, 2011


Arranged and performed by Housekeeping trio, 2011

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