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Improvisation Lessons

for all players and singers

Improvisation is a fundamental practice in music since the beginning of times. Anywhere in the world, no matter the style or musical tradition, improvisation always plays a part in the process of creating music. It is fun and it can surprise yourself and the people you improvise with. It is a tool to communicate your emotions in real time. It helped and helps musicians discover material for new compositions. 


But when we learn to play an instrument we do not necessary work in developing our improvisational skills. You can actually learn how to play through improvisation. 


-Intro to Impro

-Improvisation Playground. Play with the material and you will learn it.

-Improvising in a style of music: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical...etc

-Creating your own material

-Composing and Improvising

-Improvisation alone and with othersWe 

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